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SequentialT is a revolutionary suite of tools that capture fan data, improve fan experience and drive fan monetization for sports organizations and live events. Our proprietary TIQRS™ solution identifies fans in venue- the most elusive yet critical data needed for revenue optimization.

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Revolutionary Technology

Revolutionary Technology

...for fans, members and supporters. More More

Connect™ Platform

Connect™ Platform

They're your fans. Monetize the relationship by owning the platform. More More

Interactive Fanwear™

Pride Badges™

Beyond the revenue, it's a revolutionary data capture tool. More More

Number-based Marketing


Get to know your fans. There's a lot they can tell you. More More

Data and Sponsor Integration

Data Alerts and Dashboard

Get critical data alerts when important fan activity occurs. More More


Watch the video to learn more about TIQRS, SequentialT's proprietary tool for identifying fans in venue.

News and Press

July 18, 2013 Wisconsin Badgers Partners With SequentialT
July 9, 2013 WSO Partners with SequentialT to Enhance Fan Experience
July 9, 2013 Winston-Salem Open Partners with SequentialT

Your Venue: An Untapped Data Pool

Imagine having a party with 50,000 people attending... and you don't know who's there. That's a typical home game for many college and professional sports teams. SequentialT solutions are based on the premise that fans will WANT to let you know they're in your venue.

FanIDs: An account for every fan.

Travelers use frequent-flier numbers to earn miles for flights. We believe fans should be rewarded for attending games, especially when it’s so easy NOT to go (have you seen my 60” HD flatscreen?). A FanID is like a frequent-flier number, except for fans. It’s their digital account that tracks and rewards them for being loyal. But here’s the kicker- it goes well beyond social behavior online. Fans can now “link” their ticket to their FanID when attending games, and be thanked for doing it.

Let There be Data.

A FanID is a digital account for all your fans, not just season ticket holders. And when a fan links their ticket to their FanID, the data becomes rich for driving revenue across your organization. Even better, alerts are sent to appropriate members of your staff when critical fan data is activated. Fan characteristics- combined with behavioral triggers- provide incredible data insights you never knew existed.